Over the years I’ve written about 12 books. Some long. Some short but all longhand or through typing. It was a long process back in the day because I didn’t have the technology like Google Voice Typing we have today.

Today, writing a book is as easy as speaking into a microphone and letting the computer do all the work. The technology is getting better and better compared to the first Dragon Naturally Speaking software that came out a few years ago. It was expensive and tedious to train it to recognize your voice. Believe me, I tried. It worked once it was all set up but it would not recognize anyone else’s voice but mine.

Fast forward five years and we now have on-demand voice-activated transcription software right brought to you by Google. If you have a Gmail account you have access to this software for FREE.99. There is no cost to you except time.

How to Voice Type in Google Documents

To get started, you can head over to Google Docs when you click on the 9-square waffle looking icon over on the top right of your screen. Click the Google Docs icon and it will open for you.

Next, click “New” on the left side of the page and select Document. Click Tools and select Voice Typing. Click the microphone and then begin speaking.

Google Voice Typing Desktop vs Phone App

I find this feature works better on the Google Docs app on my phone. This seems to work better on my phone than it does on the computer because Google voice built into the phone seems to work much better.

So if I want to write a book on my phone is much easier than it is writing it on the computer. There’s very little lag time. There’s also faster typing it seems. So if you want to write your book on the go you should Google docs on your phone and select the microphone to begin typing out your book. It’s easy-peasy. If you lag or take a break then it will stop listening and you have to begin again or least have the microphone to begin again.

So overall it seems that the Phone app version wins over the desktop version. Now of course if you using a desktop you want to make sure that you have a great microphone it is very clear and that it is picking up your voice otherwise the microphone will go into sleep mode.

Learn Voice Typing Commands for Better Results

You want to learn to enter the commands which include the words period, comma, new paragraph, space, and other formatting commands so that your working doesn’t look like one long endless sentence.

Regardless how you choose to write your book, I encourage you to begin. The sooner you begin, the sooner it is completed and ready to share with the world.

Google Voice Typing Demo Video

Here is a Google Voice Typing demonstration video from my PC that walks you through how to write with your voice in Google Docs.

Here are a few of the books I’ve written. You can find them on Amazon.com if any of them appeals to you.




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