#clicklinkinmybio to activate your inner QueenB. Beyonce is the queen bee of this generation but she stands on the shoulders of the greatest women who came before her. First it was international entertainer #JosephineBaker, then actress #DorothyDandridge, singer #LenaHorne, poet #MayaAngelou, and political activist #AngelaDavis. There are many more; too many to name, but each woman paved the way for the woman Sasha Fierce aka Beyoncé to sing your song, empower you to run the world and teach you how to #slay. The amazing thing is YOU have this same power inside of you. YOUR inner queen is calling and you badass self is waiting to be born. Your world (daughter, community, co-workers) is waiting for you to show up and be your beautiful self. Will you answer the call? If you are ready to join the ranks of these phenomenal women stop what you are doing and head over to my website http://samanthagregory.com. When you get there click the ✨Activate Your Awesomeness ✨ link so you can learn the 3 simple ways to activate your inner queenly badassery! You deserve to run your world!

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I’ve been thinking about #Beyonce recently. I love her energy, confidence, and empowerment messages. She truly does know how to put on a show. But what does she have that you don’t have? Okay, money, obviously! Lots of it. But beyond that what does she have?

This is not a hater message because I truly do like her. She is doing good in the world. But she is just like you and me. She has insecurities, fears about being a good mother, and probably wonders if people will like her work. We are all the same.

The difference is she has support, repeated success, and the drive to get her message out to the world. She has, in a nutshell, confidence. So here is the thing; so have millions of women before her.

In fact, she stands on the shoulders of some amazing women like Josephine Baker, Lena Horne, Dorothy Dandridge, Maya Angelou, and Angela Davis. They are just a few famous women who have paved the way for Beyonce’s success.

Who do you admire?

Who has paved the way for you?

Why aren’t you taking advantage of the opportunities you have right now?

What is holding you back?

It takes courage to examine yourself and take inventory of your life. It takes a lot to send you emails and hope you read them and get the message I’m sending.

I’m not Beyonce on a big stage singing to millions. That would really freak me out. But I’m getting on stage and speaking to hundreds of women like you every day on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

I hope that my message is heard and inspires people to take action and finally give up their uninspired lives.

You are a queen so I’m calling to the queen sleeping inside your soul.

Wake up and take up your crowns!

Give up being mediocre and being invisible.

Show up for your kids and your community.

Speak up at work and in your relationships.

Get healthy, Live strong.

Activate Your Awesomeness!

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