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Google Hangouts is Dead Here are 3 Alternatives

Google Helpouts is dead. That is the notice I got today via email. At first I was confused about why I was getting the email. I wasn’t a provider so what did it matter to me? Then I vaguely remembered applying to be a provider but I NEVER heard from them. I got no...

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Samantha Gregory

Samantha Gregory

Hello. My name Samantha Gregory. Encouraging, Inspiring, and Empowering you to recognize your worth, embrace your personal freedom, and attract love (and wealth) is my purpose on the planet. What this looks like in your life is completely up to you. My job is to help you dig through the self-limiting beliefs, scarcity mentality, and bouts of depression to discover your true self and how to live a Blyss Life. As your coach I will help you transform your life into one of unlimited potential. Are you ready for this journey? If you've read this far you probably are, so let's chat about how I can guide you into creating the life you've always wanted. Contact me at 404-939-6179 or email me at samantha@samanthagregory.com.

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