My cousin and I talked this morning about what holds brilliant women like us back from standing in the full light that God shines on us. He is willing and able to bless us to walk in our calling and be a catalyst for change in the world. B

ut we wait for a lightening bolt from heaven or a marching band to come down the street with a sign declaring we are now ready. It doesn’t happen that way and often the thing that holds us back is our own sense of unworthiness.

We feel we don’t deserve to be out front or to step into the sunshine.

I personally suffer from the Imposter Syndrome and feel like my brilliance is fake or dull. But that’s not true.

No one else is like me. No one else is like my cousin. We are both awesome instruments of love, power, and authority.

We are queens and we, like you, deserve to walk in our gifts and change the world.

Check out the video and receive the encouragement to open your heart to worthiness.

The world needs you. It needs me. It needs us. Shine!!!!