Finding your own personal style whether you have Sisterlocks or other natural style is important.


Because when you define yourself no one else can label you.

It doesn’t matter if it’s hair, makeup, clothes, house, car, or career; by defining yourself you close the door for unwanted labels. You are beautiful and deserve to be happy and free in your own skin.

Defining My Style

My style is all about brightening the room and my life with flowers in my hair. It makes me feel even more beautiful and it even turns a few heads at the same time.

No man can resist looking because they are drawn to beauty. A flower in your year along with a beautiful smile could make someone else’s day!


Where to find affordable flowers for your hair:
Dollar Tree (or any dollar story) for seasonal flowers in a bunch. $1

Claire’s  – $3.50 and up

Oriental Trading – $4 (dozen multi-color in limited styles)


Summer Beauty Challenge

Define your style, whether it’s flowers in your hair, beautiful bows, gorgeous dresses & skirts, bow ties (for the men), scarves, or amazing shoes. Be sure it makes you stand out from the crowd and turn heads (in a positive way). Make it classy. Make it bold. Make it you!

Post your pretty selfies, use the hashtag #definedbyme, and tag me @samanthagregory on Instagram.


Make a video response telling me about your unique beauty trademark.