Samantha Gregory speaks to audiences about bullying & domestic violence prevention, stress management, productivity, and leadership

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About Samantha

samantha gregory atlanta IT consultant technical vaSamantha A. Gregory is the Queen of Living Boldly. She motivates and challenges everyone she meets to live life just as boldly when she shares her story of overcoming bullying, domestic violence, chronic depression, and debilitating physical and financial stress through setting boundaries, self-discovery, healing, and personal fulfillment. She’s never met a challenge she couldn’t meet with success and believes everyone has the power and authority to do the same.

Past clients include AFLAC, NASA, Siemens Energy, Atlanta Housing Authority, Verizon, CDC, CHOA, Chrysler, and many more.

Ms. Gregory is the founding editor of and S.M. I. L. E. S. (the Single Mom Institute of Life and Economic Stability). She has written 11 books and been featured in two anthologies. She has appeared in Essence, Lifetime, Atlanta Black Star, NBC, ABC, and the AJC online.

Her mission in life is to encourage, inspire, and empower you to recognize your worth, embrace your freedom, live loved, and leave your Lifeprint™ on the world.

Topic Summaries:

1. Bullying & Domestic Violence Prevention: Learn how to set boundaries around your life so you no longer feel helpless or paralyzed by the terroristic threats of classmates, workmates, or soulmates. Discover the power of self-love, confidence, personal bill of rights, verbal self-defense, affirmations, and self-discovery so you can live terror-free!

2. Money Moxie: Financial Fearlessness & Literacy: Take control of your money and turn your financial frown into a smile when you learn budgeting, money management, credit, and the power of a positive money mindset. You will finally have more money at the end of the month to pay your bills, save for emergencies, fund your dreams, and finally kick financial stress in the teeth!

3. Stress Management Strategies: Vaporize the bad stress in your life through Holistic natural solutions (vs. Pharma), meditation, releasing, and self-awareness so you can reduce or eliminate disease, depression, and burnout while enjoying a peaceful and serene quality of life.

4. LifePrint Self-Discovery: Answer the question, “Why am I here”, through discovering your purpose, power, and goals, so you can experience personal fulfillment and make an impact in the world.

5. 21st Century Business & Productivity Strategies: Learn the ins and outs of blogging, branding, PR, social media, self-publishing, and online marketing automation so you can confidently build a thriving business in the 21st Century. Live and work efficiently with hacks, technology, and time management so you can spend more quality time with the people you love and increase your cash flow by working smarter not harder.

6. Diversity & Women in Technology: There is more to diversity than just a corporate statement. Learn how your company can create a culture of inclusion one employee and one manager at a time. This new culture will spark a reputation so profound that minorities and women will compete to bring their unique talents, skills, and perspective into the workplace where morale and profits can soar.

7. Parenting, Leadership and Relationship Management: Maximize your relationships with your kids, friends, subordinates, or significant others when you discover the communication, affirmation, and boundary setting skills needed to bring out the best in them. You will then know how to create a calm, conflict-free, empowering environment in which you all can thrive.

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Samantha Gregory lived through domestic violence, chronic depression, low self-esteem, chronic physical and financial stress, and single motherhood!

Today she is boldly living the life she was born to live. Her greatest desire is to encourage, inspire, and empower women and teens to see their greatness, their genius, and their bright future.

She firmly believes we don’t have to barely survive, but we have the ability to thrive on this planet!

Contact her today to ask a question about speaking or facilitating a workshop for your organization at samantha@ or submit a speaking request.