This week I’ve had a few life changing, yet major, breakthroughs. Re-releasing the stress of trying to be everything to everybody is one of the major breakthroughs I’ve had. I simply cannot be and do it all and still be authentically me.

Don’t get me wrong. I will still be the same kind, quirky, and too-smart-for-my-own good woman, but I’ll show up more fully as her in the world. I’ll share more of my epiphany moments, tell the hard truths people want and need to hear, and be the most encouraging friend I can be while still pushing you to be the best version of yourself.

How do you want to show up in the world?

Can you truly be your best self wearing that Superwoman cape?


Doesn’t the stress of doing it all and being everything for everybody wear you out like it does me? Does it affects your sleep, your health, and your relationships; not to mention work performance? I’ve been there and done that so I can attest that it does.

When the Superwoman Cape No Longer Fits

About 12 years ago my body rebelled and my work suffered. I simply could not give my best to the people I loved the most because the stress was dragging me down.

So I had to do something about it. The doctor put me on Lexapro anti-depressant and wanted to start me on HRT (hormone replacement therapy) because I had just diagnosed as having pre-mature ovarian failure which was causing pre-mature menopause. I was only 32 years old! The hot flashes had me sweating profusely and stripping in the middle of the department store the day after Thanksgiving. It was 30 degrees outside. Wow!!! My BFF was staring at me in disbelief and was so worried about me.


Saving Myself from Crippling Stress

The things happening in my life was elevating my stress to such high levels that my adrenal glands were struggling to function. Being a full-time mom, going through and getting out of an abusive marriage to save me and my children’s lives, being a full-time student, and a part-time employee at a demanding job was overloading my system. I was truly a superwoman and I thought I could handle it all but my body said, “No”. It had other plans because it simply could not take the stress any longer.


I had a few decisions to make. I could keep being superwoman and being everything to everybody at the risk of further diminished health or I could slow down and take care of myself. I chose the latter. My quest to control my stress and be physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy began. I believed that my mental/ emotional health was in need of repair first so my body could heal too.


In the free training I share what I did to begin the transformation from stressed out superwoman to blessed goddess and sane sage. If you are struggling with and have been searching for a better way to handle stress (without going on harmful drug therapy) then this training is for you. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Click here to get access to the training I call: Saving Superwoman: 6 Stress Relief Strategies for Professional Women Who Do Too Much

Stress SlayerProfessionalWoman

I’ve wanted to share my story with you for a long time but I had to get over the fear of judgement and just put it out there. If my story can help just one person it’s well worth the risk of looking weak or damaged. The truth is, I’m healed and much better than before. I want to help other superwomen hang up their capes and relax into their goddess power. You are worth it!

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Saving Superwoman: 6 Stress Relief Strategies for Professional Women Who Do Too Much