samantha gregory atlanta IT consultant technical vaSamantha Gregory started speaking at age 12 in inform, encourage, and motivate young people. As her life took major twists and she came out on the other side she began speaking to women; single moms like herself, and encouraging them to reach a higher level of success in their personal, professional/academic, financial, and spiritual lives.

In her talks, she shares her story and teaches women how to get rid of their victim mentality and move forward successfully. She speaks to corporations, churches, women’s groups, associations, girl empowerment groups, colleges, and your organization on topics relating to relationships, parenting, women in technology (STEM), personal finance, financial literacy, self-development, social change, and social media.

Through keynote, workshop, traditional seminar, webinar, teleseminar, or radio opportunities, she shares her experiences and expertise with audiences. They will come away smarter, wiser, and excited about making definite changes in their lives. Women living mediocre lives transform into liberated ladies. They release self-limiting beliefs, fears, and depression. They learn how to recognize their worth, embrace their freedom, and attract love and wealth. Women become relationship geniuses after they work with Samantha.

Samantha Gregory is the author of, No More Crumbs: How to Stop Dating (and Mating) for Crumbs and Get the Cake You Deserve in 10 Crucial Steps! Samantha has also authored eight more e-books. Her mission and passion is empowering professional women to brilliantly navigate through work and romantic relationships without losing a sense of self. She helps women transform their mindset and early programming it to attract quality relationships on their own terms. She also coaches executive women on how to manage stress without harmful drugs through the Saving Superwoman program. Professional women are inspired to Unleash their Unstoppable Power by Discovering their USP (Unique Soul Purpose, Power, and Profit Generator) and Get Their Sexy Back. Her Money Moxie™ program is for women who want to awaken their feminine power through financial know-how.

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