Samantha Gregory Liberated Lady Lifestyle Strategist

Beauty and Tragedy of Womanhood?

Being a woman can be the most beautiful or most tragic experience you will ever have. Women are inherently strong but we struggle daily to maintain our sanity and sense of self. When disappointment, devastation, and heartbreak happens it feels impossible to recover.

I help 30- and 40-something single women devastated by heartbreak transform into confident women who attract healthy relationships! Through a process of telling and redefining your story, mindset coaching, and EFT you’ll become relationship geniuses and women who get their sexy back!

With all the demands that life places on it, is it any wonder that we are stressed, suffer guilty mom syndrome, and are filled with worry and fear?

It’s no wonder little girls are more and more reluctant to grow up. The example they have of the “every woman” is one of drudgery and pain. Having it all means we have to deal with it all, both at home and out in the world.

We have become weeds in the world instead of flowers. Our joy has been sapped and negativity has taken over. The media paints a rosy picture of women having it all together but that’s not wholly the truth.

We struggle with our identity, our finances, our relationships, and our kids.

A New Day is Dawning

What if things were different?

What if you could look and feel like Audrey Hepburn, Dorothy Dandridge, Marilyn Monroe, or Lena Horne. These women commanded attention, inspired love, and embodied the beauty and poise of a lily. You can be just as intriguing as they were.

What if you could get back into balance and feel freedom from guilt, stress, and fear each and every day?

What if you could release the expectations of perfection?

What if you could melt into your feminine beauty and power?

What if you could feel authentic and capable of making the best decision for you?

Learn How to Live the Powerful Lily Lifestyle

What is the Lily Lifestyle? It is the Liberated Lady Lifestyle!

It is living with poise, power, prosperity, and positive energy because you have learned how to put things, people, and circumstances in their proper perspective.

Being a Lily is about learning and consistently remembering that there is nothing in this world you can’t overcome.

Jesus said King Solomon in all his fine robes could not compare to the Lily of the field because it was (and is) under God’s care.

So you are entitled to having a lifestyle that is free from worry, guilt, and stress. You are entitled to a lifestyle that is rich, renewed, regenerated, and rewarded with the best life has to offer.

Are you ready to become a Lily and learn how to live the Liberated Lady Lifestyle? Don’t you owe it to yourself to explore the possibilities?

In this program, you will get one-on-one coaching in a 3 or 6-month timeframe. We will explore the heartbreak, acknowledge the pain, then release it to begin a new chapter in your life.

Please click here complete this application to apply for the program which is limited to only 10 per year.

I look forward to hopefully working with you if we are a great fit!