This is Wellness Wednesday around the web so it is fitting to talk, not just about physical wellness, but emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness. As women of color our emotional and mental health have been at an all time low.

We are making strides through doing but not enough in being. What I mean by that is we are always looking outside ourselves for validation, especially from the dominate culture. That is completely backwards and until we change the direction of our vision and our thinking we will continue to suffer low self-esteem, self-degradation, and self-sabotaging behaviors that keep us low on the totem pole of modern society.

About a month ago I had a revelation, epiphany, or lightening strike; whatever you want to call it…

I came to the conclusion that what I’ve been taught by society and the media about my skin, hair, and body type has all been a lie. I’ve been drawing these conclusions for a few years now, but at that moment of awareness it dawned on me the exact reason why.

Being a black woman, through the evidence I’ve seen is, the epitome of beauty. Let me explain…

Why would so many other cultures, especially the dominate culture go to such extremes to look like me? There the collagen shots for the lips to make them fuller. There are perms to make the hair curlier. There are breast implants to make them bigger. There is butt surgery or pads to make the bottom bigger. Tanning beds, lotions, and sunbathing to darken the skin. Plastic surgery is on the rise and they are in hot pursuit of the fountain of youth.

In the process of transformation many black women are doing all they can to look like the dominate culture. Blond hair, blue eyes, pencil thin with no curves, and straight hair are the standard to aspire to. They are trying to look like us and we are trying to look like them. Something is very wrong with this picture. Why can we all just love and accept ourselves as we are?

Well over the last few years I’ve had a few transformations of my own…back to my natural state. My hair is no longer straight but locked and lovely. My body has blossomed with curves, though I can stand to lose a few pounds to maintain optimal health ;-). I accept me and can proclaim with confidence that, My Black is Beautiful!!!

I’ve concluded that while the dominate culture panics over their impending doom (i.e. loss of youth and desirability), their influence causes cultures of color to panic as well. We are panicking for no reason.

We don’t have a problem with premature aging or any other perceived physical deficiencies so I think it’s time to stop drinking the Kool-aid and take a long hard look in the mirror.

Embrace your beautiful. Notice that it is the standard many other cultures aspire to. Free your mind from the long held belief that you are ugly and not beautiful. Stop believing the media representations of us as ugly, deformed, and undesirable. The evidence is clear that we are the standard to attain to, what men desire, and whom our daughters will emulate.

…and for all that is holy, please stop reading magazines, blogs, and other media that are clearly not written for us!

The video below is my take on black beauty as I apply my makeup during my morning routine. It’s a fun little video I decided to do because sometimes you just have to encourage yourself, guide others, and just be a light in a dark world. Please leave a comment here or on the video and definitely subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thanks a million! Enjoy!