Finding Your F-Factor  Secrets to Attract the Man You Really Want

This is the name of the show I did earlier this month on Caribbean Radio Show with Dr. Nivischi. I enjoyed talking with her and the audience about Flattery vs. Feelings. The conversation was both informative and controversial at the same time.

The question is what matters most, his flattery or your feelings as a woman?

Too often we get caught up in the flattery and forget about how we truly feel. Is this smart? what happens when the flattery wears off?

I’ve been there so I know the flattery fades and feelings change.

Now I focus on how I feel and look a the whole picture of the man versus the snippet I’m getting in the moment of romance and hopeful feelings.

Listen to the show and let me know what you think. It is an hour long so prepare to take it all in or skip over some of it.

I encourage you to keep you head on straight, get past the fluffy words and get down to what really matters. How you feel.

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