As a coach, speaker, and consultant I am fully aboard the Instagram train and I have to say that I love the engagement. I’m also learning what works and doesn’t work for me. For me building an audience is crucial to my business. My images must be on point but it also has to be easy. Right now I’m managing four accounts here, here, here, and here! Eeek! Thank the Instagram gods for the new multi-account feature. Yaaasss!!!

I love design but I can be lazy when it comes to daily management. I admit I get board with the maintenance stuff. I’m in my happy place with design and creativity no matter how rudimentary it sees to others. Just let me play!!! LOL!

So here are my five favorite tools to use in managing and creating my Instagram pages: – Free online account management w/ stats. You can’t upload images but it makes following, liking, and researching new accounts much easier. – Desktop app to upload, edit, post and schedule images. I love being able to upload images from my desktop if I want. It is a very simple program and you can add all your accounts to the app.

Repost – Phone app to re-share other people’s images and increase exposure and build community.
IOS | Android – Web App to create branded images easily. I use this tool to create my images with my logo and other elements I want to remain constant.

Typorama – Phone App (IOS) to turn photos into amazing graphics. So many possibilities with this tool. Go ahead a splurge to get all the functionality. It’s worth it!
IOS only | Andoid option – Text Swag

Instagress – Web app to help you grow your audience through auto likes, comments, and follow. I got good results but used a limited number of features because I don’t want my account deleted. Use wisely.

What tools do you use to make your Instagram life easier? Would you be interested in a class to teach you how to use these tools more effectively?