Side Hustle Writing

  1. WRITE FOR CHILDREN – Write poems, Sunday school stories, puzzles, explanations, riddles, etc., for children. Sell to local papers, children’s book publishers or in your own booklets.
  1. WRITING, FREELANCE – Starting with local articles (even “filters”); sell or even GIVE to local paper (to be “published”). Work up to articles and stories that sell.
  1. Blogging – set up a blog on,, or other blogging service. Write about the things you care about and as the blog gains popularity add Google Adsense. Soon you will be able to sell advertising space.

These are just a sample of the writing as a side hustle.

These ideas are just the beginning of creative ideas for people who love words. Use your imagination to come up with even more!

In this Side Hustle Series for writers and editors you will find a just over 30 side gigs for you. You can create multiple streams of income as a writer to keep the extra money flowing into your bank account.

The ebook also includes an online business guide to help you create an online presence that will attract clients.

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Bonus: Side Hustle Discovery Worksheet included to help you start the side gig that fits your talents, skills, and interests.


  • Business Ideas
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