Side Hustle Green ThumbWhether you love growing flowers, grass, or delicious food, your talents highly valued. Wouldn’t it be great to know how to make money from doing the things you love?

This guide will give you 36 ideas for making extra money or starting a side business with your green thumb. You may find a few that really speaks to you and others that don’t mean a thing. Choose the one or two ideas that strike a chord in your heart and dive in.

In section two you will learn how to take your ideas and turn them into a business. This guide does not cover the basics of setting up a business in terms of getting a business licenses and opening a bank account. You can find that information in so many other places and each city, town, or province has different guidelines.

The business section here is about setting up your business to attract customers both online and offline. It will show you where to set up a website, an online payment processor, and mailing list. All are important to maintaining your business or side hustle.


  • Business Ideas
  • Online Business Development Guide
  • Side Hustle Discovery Worksheet
  • Email Consultation with the Author (Can send 3 email questions)

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