Confidence Coaching

My name is Samantha and I help business women launch fearlessly, show up confidently, all while savoring their authentic sweet spot.

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Listener. Wise. Compassionate. Encouraging.

These are the words that describe what past clients have said about their experience having me as their coach.

My passion is helping women of the world recognize their worth, embrace their freedom, and attract love (and wealth). This can look like a myriad of things to each individual, but my goal is to make sure you discover what your big picture dream is, set goals, and successfully reach them.

Client Connection

The clients I attract are usually super smart and focused on their career. She is successful and has most of what she desires, but there is a blind spot she feels is keeping her stuck in an unfulfilled place when it comes to relationships, love, her spiritual growth, finances, or career.

Client Goals

There is much more she wants to explore, have, or be; but even though she has tried to do it on her own it is not working. I come in to listen, understand, then help her through a series of epiphanies and “ah-ha” moments. We then come up with a game plan, a strategy, or a blueprint to get her to the place of “YES!!!”.

It may take a series of conversations over a few weeks or a single day to get through the fog into the shining light.

If you are that woman who has been waiting for this kind of experience with a coach like me, contact me to schedule a coaching session. We can see where you are then determine if we can work together on your big dream to make it a reality.

With love and light,
Samantha Gregory
Your Sister Coach

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