As a life coach, Lindsay Enita helps people walk boldly and transparently toward transformation to realize dreams, overcome fears and navigate obstacles in order to fully Show Up in life! In her own words;

Fourteen years ago God called me to come out of the corporate world to follow Him into the full-time jobs of ministry and motherhood. The transition was not as smooth at all. But I followed nonetheless. During that time, I had an identity crisis. I struggled with physical, emotional, marital, family and self-esteem issues… you name it, I have had a taste. But the constant throughout was the Presence of God. At my worst and ugliest, He continued to tell me of why He made me. Though I could not see myself through my self-imposed layer of yuck, something within me believed Him. So I held on as He took meand is still taking me on The Journey of a Lifetime! It has been the most painful yet freeing and fulfilling experience of my life. Not only was it worth it, but I WAS WORTH IT!

I have gathered countless gems on how to live at peace with myself, God and man. They have come at a high cost, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It is my journey created by God uniquely for me. And I thank Him for it… I thank Him for the pain, the joy, the suffering and the peace. For without these elements, I would not be the woman that I am today. I learned to #LoveFromTheInsideOut


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