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Welcome to my little space on the planet. I ENCOURAGE, INSPIRE, AND EMPOWER Women of the World to embrace LOVE AND LIVE IN FREEDOM by finding the Clarity and Confidence to live the life they crave through  COACHING and SPEAKING FROM ATLANTA, GA!

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Samantha Gregory speaks and trains at corporate and conference professional women’s events, as a panelist, for civic groups, and associations.

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Brilliant Business Women Blab: Start-Up Stories w/ Felicia Phillips

Have you heard of Blab? It is the newest in a line of live streaming video apps and I just did my first one. I’m calling them Blyss Life Blab w/Samantha. Tonight I did a Blab with my friend Felicia Phillips of The Pink Mogul. We chatted about her start-up story when she started her first business at age 19. It was awesome hear about her real story of struggle to start, her rise, her fall, then reaching the pinnacle of success. Now she is helping other women make it to the stop one baby step at a time. Here is the replay of the conversation. I hope you get something out of it and find the courage to start your own... read more

Making Moves That Matter

I recently moved to a new home and it’s already making a world of difference in my life. It’s been exactly one week since moving into my new place. It’s bigger, better, and more blissful! I now have the space to expand my life and my business for the same rent as before. I’ve upgraded without adding more money. Of course the utilities will be a bit higher but it will not be horrible. I’ll have to pay someone to mow the lawn but it’s my lawn! 😉 I can live with the minor extra expense as long as I get to live my Blyss Life™. Read more about the move and the three other reasons this move is one that matters over on the blog. Have you been making any new moves recently? Tell me about it in the comments or over on... read more

[Radio Interview] 5 Ways to Heal From Toxic Personal and Business Relationships

Are you letting crummy relationships affect your business, health, and finances? How do you go from toxic to healthy relationships? Listen to my interview on Women Who Rock With Success to hear the 5 tips to moving from toxic relationships to healthy relationships. The show host is Diane Winbush of National Extraordinary Professional Women. Check Out Women Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with with Diane Marie Winbush on... read more

[BB Show] Trina Jones – Pretty Motivated

Podcast: Play in new window | Download You are a brilliant beautiful woman! This is the message Triana of shares with listeners in this episode of the Brilliant Beauties Podcast. Hear her story and head over to her site to get your free ebook on how to get over your past and get motivated to live the life you love! Trina Jones, is the founder and CEO of Pretty Motivated a site dedicated to the helping women take the grind out of their daily lives by aligning with a higher source of “inner”-spiration. Her personal journey, of overcoming major emotional hurdles inspired her to cultivate and create a community where passionate woman can find information, tips and tools on gaining insight and peace to lead the most fulfilling lives. Connect with Trina Jones on: Facebook | Twitter |  Instagram | Tumblr... read more

[BB Show] Lindsey Enita – High Definition Woman

Podcast: Play in new window | Download As a life coach, Lindsay Enita helps people walk boldly and transparently toward transformation to realize dreams, overcome fears and navigate obstacles in order to fully Show Up in life! In her own words; Fourteen years ago God called me to come out of the corporate world to follow Him into the full-time jobs of ministry and motherhood. The transition was not as smooth at all. But I followed nonetheless. During that time, I had an identity crisis. I struggled with physical, emotional, marital, family and self-esteem issues… you name it, I have had a taste. But the constant throughout was the Presence of God. At my worst and ugliest, He continued to tell me of why He made me. Though I could not see myself through my self-imposed layer of yuck, something within me believed Him. So I held on as He took meand is still taking me on The Journey of a Lifetime! It has been the most painful yet freeing and fulfilling experience of my life. Not only was it worth it, but I WAS WORTH IT! I have gathered countless gems on how to live at peace with myself, God and man. They have come at a high cost, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It is my journey created by God uniquely for me. And I thank Him for it… I thank Him for the pain, the joy, the suffering and the peace. For without these elements, I would not be the woman that I am today. I learned to #LoveFromTheInsideOut   Connect with Lindsey Enita on: Facebook | Twitter |... read more

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