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Samantha Gregory lived through domestic violence, chronic depression, low self-esteem, and single motherhood!

Today she is happily discovering and living the life she was born to live. Her greatest desire is to encourage, inspire, and empower women and teens. She wants to show them the way and tell them the truth about their greatness, their genius, and their future.

She firmly believes we don’t have to barely survive, but we have the ability to thrive!

Contact her today to speak or facilitate a workshop for your organization.

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Articles By Samantha

Wednesday Webinars are Coming!

Lately I’ve had my speaker / trainer hat on and it doesn’t look like I’ll be taking it off any time soon. In fact, due to popular demand I’m going to begin running webinars to help my family, friends, fans, and followers learn tech, design,...

How to Be Unstoppable

People are always surprised when I actually do what I say I am going to do. Why is that? I’ve thought about it and I think most people have good intentions but have made it a habit to take the path of least resistance. So they don’t do anything more than...

6.5 Steps for Reinventing Your Life

The survival mentality set in for a while in my life. But it got boring and I needed a change. My life is constantly in reinvention mode because that is how I grow and thrive. How are you thriving? What changes are you making? The year is half over so it’s a...